sometimes/ somedreams/ VANITAS/

MMM-readymade / filmstill / 2005

The work shown is part of my series of works ‚vanitas’.

The term vanitas refers to a quotation in the bible by the preacher Salomo 1,2 as well as to medieval vanitas stillife paintings.

As space and time expand information moves in a continuous stream of consciousness. There is a repetitive repetition of images which are accompanied by an ongoing formation as well as loss of individuality. During that process patterns assimilate, inflate and amalgamate. In this way all intelligent systems move towards abstraction.

My dream becomes your dream.

This loss of individuality makes us suffer and gives us a feeling of alienation being tiny microcosms of a larger system, being ‚ a dream within a dream’.


verba Ecclesiastes filii David regis Hierusalem

vanitas vanitatum dixit Ecclesiastes vanitas vanitatum omnia vanitas

quid habet amplius homo de universo labore suo quod laborat sub sole

generatio praeterit et generatio advenit terra vero in aeternum stat

oritur sol et occidit et ad locum suum revertitur inique renascens

gyrat per meridiem et flectitur ad aquilonem lustrans universa circuitu pergit

spiritus et in circulos suos regreditur

omnia flumina intrant mare et mare non redundat ad locum unde exeunt flumina

revertuntur ut iterum fluant

cunctae res difficiles non potest eas homo explicare sermone non saturatur

oculus visu nec auris impletur auditu

quid est quod fuit ipsum quod futurum est quid est quod factum est ipsum quod

fiendum est.

AT, Prediger Salomo 1-9